Justin Wilcox

PRICE: $500


I am selling this original work of art, “Justin Wilcox”, signed by me the artist. It is a drawing in graphite and measures 11 inches by 14 inches. The paper used in the drawing is archival quality, acid-free paper; it’s 100lb, Bristol vellum, so it can stand up to repeated handling and is sturdier than many other papers.

The drawing is finished with a fixative that will help prevent smudging of the graphite, but the best way to protect this drawing would be to mat it and place it in a frame.


Justin Wilcox is an amazing, young bodybuilder, and I think he is certainly worthy of the work necessary to render him in pencil. I chose a photo of him where he is relaxed and not in a classical bodybuilder pose; but even when relaxed, his vasculature and bulk still command your attention. His physique is the result of intense workouts and dieting. You can be proud to display this drawing in your home and receive inspiration from it or enjoy its artistic value.


I enjoyed working on this picture, and it easily has more detail than most I do. I wanted to create a showcase piece that demonstrates the amount of work I can put into a humble pencil drawing. As I continue to create more drawings and exhibit my work, I find that some people prefer a simpler style of drawing where the lines are visible and coarse, but then some people also gravitate to highly-blended, photo-real images like this one.

This is probably the last portrait I will create using a photoreal technique. It’s so much work, and I have to ask a high price to justify the time I spend. It’s more accurate to say “this is the last time I want to do a photoreal drawing”.