Ron Stevens

PRICE: $300


I am selling this original work of art titled “Rod Stevens” signed by me, the artist. It is a drawing in graphite and measures 11 inches by 14 inches. The paper used in the drawing is archival quality, acid-free paper; it’s 100lb, Bristol vellum, so it can withstand repeated handling and is sturdier than many other papers.

The drawing is finished with an acid-free fixative that will help prevent smudging of the graphite, but the best way to protect this drawing would be to mat it and place it in a frame.


This drawing took many hours–I’m guessing close to 25 or 27 hours of labor. In particular, the vasculature required lots of attention to detail. If you look at the close-up images (produced by a flatbed scanner) you will see the many layers of crosshatching used to produce the drawing.

Although you can see the pencil marks up close, you will not see them when standing back from the drawing. It’s a nice effect, and will likely fool people into thinking this is a photo. I added a small “reveal”, however, at the bottom of the drawing, and this margin of white space will show up even when the picture is matted and framed.

The white trim all the way around the border will likely be covered by a mat– or most of it will. The black background has a shine to it because it is solid graphite, but this shine is much less noticeable with single-source lighting and when the picture is viewed straight on or it is when hanging on the wall. The shine, although distracting, is just part of the nature of working with pencil–you can see it in one photo where I had the drawing outdoors. The paper has a slight curl, so the pencil shine is distracting, but again, framing and proper lighting will overcome that.